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Kol ma Shekadam

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Information: A song and dances.

Translation: All that is past

Pronunciation: kohl mah SHEH-kah-dahm

Region: Israel


Roni Siman-Tov choreographed a dance to this Hebrew song called Kol Ma Shekadam, a song about having no regrets.

Murray and Randi Spiegel have choreographed a dance to the same song.

The song shares a tune with the Turkish song Oynama Şıkıdım Şıkıdım. Israeli dances to Turkish pop music have become popular.


Mah shelo horeg oti
Betah. mechazek oti.
V'mi shelo h.oshev k'moti
Kam u'meh.ashel oti.

Eyfo sheko'ev lecha
Zohi ha'emet shelcha.
Eyfo shetifgosh oti
Bo tismah. b'simh. ati.

V'im nizkarti m'uh.ar
V'im dachiti l'machar
V'im halah. ti l'ah.or
Im shachachti mah lizkor
Hayah li mah limkor
Yah. olti az livh.or.

Oy, kol mah shekadam, shekadam
Oy, kol mah shekadam ben adam
Oy, kol mah shekadam, shekadam
Bo elai, v'tistakel li ba'einayim.

M'dabrim m'dabrim hamon
U'chvar bo'er bayadayim
V'h.ayim im zeh pitom
K'ilu kah.a zeh tamid.
  That which does not kill me
Surely makes me stronger.
And you who do not think like me,
Arise and strengthen me.

The place that pains you
Is your true self.
Come share in my rejoicing
At the place where we meet.

And if I recalled too late,
postponed until tomorrow,
Or went backwards,
If I forgot what I should have remembered,
I would have had something to sell,
And I would have had a choice.

All that is past, is past.
All that precedes humanity is gone.
All that precedes humanity, humanity.
Come to me and gaze into my eyes.

They talk and talk,
Their hands burn,
And they live as though this instant
Will be the same forever.


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