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Information: A dance.

Translated by: Tatiana Nikolova-Houston from Tantsova samodeynost, # -1961.

Translation: The name comes from the song it is danced to. The dance is seen from P. Mileva, 60 years-old, V. Dzhambazova, 65 years-old, and B. Gaydardzhiev, 70 years-old, local people.

Pronunciation: koo-koo-VEECH-kah-tah

Region: Bulgaria

Meter: 7/16

Rhythm: Counted as "raz," "dva," "tri."

Formation: Initial position of the feet – 6th position. Done for three bars.


Ljuš – "swing" (swing).
Svivka – "curl" (bend, as in bending the knee).


1-3 No action.
  Walk to the right with coming back and "Ljuš" (swing).
1 On "raz" and "dva," step with the R to the right; On "tri" the L come back to the R .
2 On "raz," step with the L to the left; On "dva" and "tri," the R is taken diagonally to the left and takes a position of low "Svivka" (curl).

Note: All the Easter horos in the village of Zidarovo are danced in a closed circle, moving to the right.


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