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Learn to Play Bulgarian
and Macedonian Tambura

By Bill Cope

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Bill Cope


Bulgaria Map Information: A book.

Learn to Play Bulgarian and Macedonian Tambura by Bill Cope.


Tambura The book provides tablature (not notes), tuning, and strumming pattern for 23 pieces; the tape presents each piece played through slowly, for learning purposes, and then played up to speed with chords and/or harmony.

–Henry, Folk Arts Center of New England.


Tape – Side A

1.   Trugnal s'gajda
2.   Teche mi voda studena
3.   Mene mi izgore zoreto
4.   West Rhodope song/pravo
5.   West Rhodope ruchenica
6.   Kopanica
7.   Lesno
8.   Ovchepolsko Oro
9.   Postupano Oro

Tape – Side B

1.   Petorka
2.   Beranche
3.   Legnala Rodne
4.   322222
5.   Pravo
6.   Pajdushko
7.   Ruchenica
8.   Dajchovo
9.   Navali se
10. Karadzha iz gore vurveshe
11. Pravo
12. Trugnala Jana
13. Ja oine, Toine
14. Shopsko na pojas


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