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Legnala Dana

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Atanas Kolarovski BACKGROUND

Information: A dance.

According to a late 1960s syllabus, attributed to Atanas Kolarovski and much mimeographed by me (Michael Kuharski) in the early 1970s.

Translation: Dana lay down

Pronunciation: LEG-nah-lah DAH-nah

Region: Karvadarči (Varder Valley), Macedonia

Meter: 7/8

Rhythm: 3+2+2 = Slow-quick-quick = Sqq

Formation: Open circle, shoulder hold (T pos), or hands held at shoulder height (W pos) facing LOD. Originally danced in separate lines with W joined by a handkerchief with the M


  The Dance
1 Moving LOD, step R (S); Step L (qq).
2 Moving LOD, step R, lifting L leg in back of R leg, L calf – touching R calf (S); Raise and lower R heel twice (qq).
3 Moving LOD, step L (S); Step R,L (qq).
4 Facing ctr, step R (S); Raise and lower R heel, L knee bent and lifted in front of R leg (qq).
5 Facing ctr, step fwd on L slightly toward left (S); Bending L knee, step R behind L (qq).
6 Facing ctr, step L (S); Raise and lower L heel, R knee bent and lifted in front of L leg (qq).
7 Facing ctr, step R fwd in front of and close to L (S); Step L in place (q); Step R fwd (q).
8 Facing ctr, step L fwd in front of and close to R (S); Step R in place (q); Step L fwd (q).

Note: The song lyrics and translation are in the MIT Songbook.


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