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Information: A dance.

Ted Patrides 1980 This is a popular dance from the island of Leros in the Dodekanese group. The dance is to the Sousta as the slow Argo Hasapiko is to the fast Hasapiko; that is, a slow section which gradually accelerates to the fast sectio and which, in the course of time, becomes a separate dance unto itself.

Translation: The name refers to two dances.

Pronunciation: LAIR-ee-kohs

Other names: Issios

Source: Ted Petrides

Region: Greece

Meter: 2/4

Music: An international folk dance choreography danced to a 1950s bouzouki tune sung by Rena Dalia on Nina records.

Formation: Open circle moving CCW with basket-weave handhold.

Steps and Style: Slow and heavy with a strained vigor.


  The Dance
1 Side R (ct 1); Cross L behind R (ct 2).
2 Side R (ct 1); Together L, or
  1. Slide L to R, gradually lifting L foot up behind R calf high, bending L knee, or
  2. Hobble onto R.
3 Step fwd on L (ct &); Together on ball of R, knee bent (ct &); Fwd onto L (ct 2).

1 Side R (ct 1); Cross L behind R (ct 2).
2 Side R and quickly bring the L to the R, slightly off the ground (ct 1); Fwd L and quickly bring R together (ct 2).
3 Fwd L (ct &); Together on ball of R, knee bent (ct &); Fwd L (ct 2).
Note: The hobble step is actually a slight hop started off with the aid of a little push on the ball of the other ft with knee bent and which is brought up to the other ft before pushing off on it.


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