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Levi Jackson Rag

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Pat Shaw Information: A dance.

Region: Modern England

Levi Jackson, famous Yale University football player, was elected football captain in 1948. Because Jackson was African-American, this election became a symbol of American racial progress. Jackson died Dec. 7, 2000 at age 74.

A very quick web search yields: "Levi Jackson Wilderness Road State Park honors both the first judge in Laurel County, and the road that has been termed by some to be the most significant trail in the westward flow of English colonization."

Nothing in the biography at of Levi Jackson, a Yale football player who later worked for Ford Motor Company, indicates he was ever in Kentucky or a judge in Laurel County.

And that "first judge in Laurel County" was probably appointed at least 200 years ago, so we can rule out this 20th century Levi Jackson as being the namesake of the dance.

Berea College's Mountain Folk Festival (1952- ) commissioned Pat Shaw to create Levi Jackson Rag for the Levi Jackson State Park near London, Kentucky, site of the festival.


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