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Jerry Joris Lindsay

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Jerry Joris Lindsay


Information: Jerry Joris Lindsay, teacher of international dance.

Maxine "Jerry" (Lewis) Joris Lindsay was well known to the folk dance communities in Chicago, Illinois, and Westport, Connecticut. Vyts Beliajus called her "the lovable 'bundle of energy' among folk dance teachers in past pioneering years," and featured her on the covers of several early issues of his VILTIS folklore magazine. Vyts went on to say, "Jerry and her sister Charlotte Chen, who now lives in New Canaan, Connecticut, and a few other alumni of the University of Chicago, organized the folk dance group at the International House of the University of Chicago and invited me to teach international folk dancing during the mid-1930's. This proved to be the first location where international folk dancing on a regular schedule was taught as a recreational activity and open to whoever so wanted. Jerry and Charlotte (The Lewis Sisters) were like sisters to me and looked after my needs during the years of my severe and near-fatal ailments. My debt to them is incalculable."

Jerry's repertoire included a wide range of international folk and novelty dances. She traveled extensively, including trips to the British Isles. In 1954, she visited Europe and attended folk festivals in North Wales, Norway, France, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Austria, and Spain in 1955. During this period she taught American folk dances in Sweden, taught Austrian dances in a small village in Austria, and danced with a Schuhplattler group in Germany.

Jerry attended the Lloyd Shaw Camps at Colorado Springs, Colorado regularly over many years and attended many workshops in Israeli, Greek, German, and Yugoslavian dances conducted by recognized leaders in the United States. She also attended Folk Dance Camp at the College of the Pacific (now Stockton Folk Dance Camp).

Jerry was married to W. T. Lindsey of Westport, Connecticut in 1960.

For ten years, Jerry was a folk dance leader and teacher at International House at the University of Chicago and was a leader for four other groups. Jerry later made her home in Westport, Connecticut. Her able, pleasant manner of teaching was always genuine and effective and Vyts said of her, "She was a delightful folk dance teacher with a terrific sense of humor."

Jerry taught at many venues on the east coast and was for many years an instructor and leader at the Lighted Lantern Folk Dance Camp a'top Lookout Mountain above Golden, Colorado.

Jerry died as the result of a massive stroke on May 3, 1986, in Westport, Connnecticut, at the age of 75.

Dances Jerry taught include 12th Street Rag, Aetana, Alley Cat, Atlantic Mixer, At Va'ani, Axum Reel, Le Bal de Jugon, Ba-O, Baldeneyer, The Bishop, La Boulangere, Bufčansko, Čačak, Čačansko Kokonješte, Cotton-Eyed Joe (Texas Style), La Danza de la Pluma, D'Hammerschmiedgsg'selln, Dura, El Escondido, El Ginat Egoz, The Fine Companion, Fjäskern, Garcon Volage, Godečki Čačak, Gosti Vikaja, Haroa Haktana, Hava Netze B'Mahol, Heeia, Helena Polka, Horehronsky Čardáš, Iti Milvanon, Jandals, Jovano Jovanke, Karagouna, Kostursko Oro, Lech Lamidbar, Ma Navu, Mascando Chiquete, Masquerade, Mexican Waltz Mixer, Nad I Lan, Niguno Shel Yossi, Nonesuch, Oiga Ja Va Semba, Polka Wengierka, Ravno Oro, Retčenko, Roberts Mixer, Robertson's Rant, Šetnja, Sharm-A-Sheikh, Sjampa Dance, Shrewsbury Lasses, Siamsa Beirte, Snoopy, Syrtaki, Syrto, Šuštrarska, Tant' Hessie, Tarantella di Peppina, Tsamikos, Tsamikos from Epirus, Tzadik Katamaar, U Šest, Vayiven Uziyahu, Veleta Waltz, Žabarka.

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