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The Little Mouse

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Information: A song.

This tune describes Jewish tradition and ritual through a story that includes Hebrew words you can use and teach: Mishpacha-family, Abba-Father, and Emma-Mother as well as referencing brachot for Shabbat candles, wine, and bread.

Grades: Early Childhood (Age 2-4/5) , Lower Elementary (K-2).

Translation: From Hebrew by Ron Houston, May 2, 1985.


Balayla sheavar, haya li chalom,
chalom m`yuchad me`od.
Chalamti shehakita shelanu,
Lance, Charles, Hanna, Esther,
v`kulam, halachnu
Lakachnu mapa v`kipalnu
ota yafe.
Lakachnu mapiyot
v`kipalnu gam otan yafe.
Lakachnu ochel v`mashehu
lishtot v`muzika.
Lakachnu milon Ivrit la
Lakachnu od ochel laHana.
Lakachnu od bira laLance.
Lakachnu m`yaledet laEsther
(al kol mikre).
V`shamnu et hakol
b`sal hapiknik shelanu.
Halachnu l`gan,
v`patachnu et sal-hapiknik
v`ma atem choshvim?
Mihasal yatsa achbar katan!
      Last night, I had a dream,
a very special dream.
I dreamed that our class:
Lance, Charles, Hanna, Esther,
and everyone
went on a picnic.
We took a tablecloth, and we
folded it neatly.
We took napkins
and folded also them neatly.
We took food and something
to drink and music.
We took a Hebrew dictionary for
We took more food for Hanna.
We took more beer for Lance.
We took a midwife for Esther –
(just in case).
And we put everything
in our picnic basket.
We went to the garden and
opened the picnic basket
of ours,
and what do you think –
out came a little mouse!


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