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Ma Na'avu

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Information: A dance.

Translation: How pleasant

Pronunciation: MA nah-ah-VOO

Source: Choreographed in 1956 by Raya Spivak to a song written by her husband, Joseph Spivak.

Region: Israel


The last bar of the first motif:

  1. Back L, fwd R, touch L beside R: Gilbert, Tikva (Fred Berk), Miriam Lidster 1960 and 1961, Ken Spear, Betty Casey.
  2. Leap back L, close R, close L and bend knees: Miriam Lidster and Dorothy Tamburini, 1965.
  3. Step back L, close R, close L: Stan Isaacs in Let's Dance!.
  4. Back L, close R and rise, down: my notes, Australian notes, Ramos (Texas), and Milwaukee.


The first one is the original in this country, learned by Miriam Lidster in Israel, but she later published the second. And I trust Stan Isaacs a lot. So how come Texas, Milwaukee, and Australia do the fourth version? I'd suggest here it's more important to be polite than to be correct. After all, the words say: "How pleasant are the footsteps over the hills of he who heralds peace and salvation." I don't know who this Herald guy is, but I sure like his message!

Ron Houston


/ Ma na'avu al heharim,
Rag'lei hamevaser, ho . . . /
/ Mashmi'a yeshu'a,
Mashemi'a shalom. /
  How beautiful on the mountains.
The footsteps of the messenger, ho . . .
Bring the tidings of deliverance;
Bring the tidings of peace.


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