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Maria me ta kitrina

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Information: A song.

Translation: Maria in yellow

Pronunciation: MAH-ree-ah meh tah KEE-tree-nah

Region: Greece


Maria me ta kitrina
poion agapas kalitera
Poion agapas kalitera
Ton antra sou i to geitona

Ton antra mou ton agapo
Ton geitona kalitera

Na yinei o antras marmaro
Ki o geitona triantafillo
Yia na pato sto marmaro
Na kovo to triantafillo
      Maria in yellow (with blond hair),
who do you love better,
who do you love better,
your husband or your neighbor?

I love my husband,
but I love my neighbor better...

I wish my husband were marble
and my neighbor were a rose;
I would stand on the marble
to cut the rose.


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