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Sarah Anindo Marshall

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Sarah Anindo Marshall


Information: Sarah Anindo Marshall, teacher of African dance.

Sarah Anindo Marshall began her dance career in her homeland of Kenya, studying ballet, modern, jazz, and African. She is a certified Dunham Technique instructor, serves as a member of the Katherine Dunham Certification Board, and conducts African dance and Dunham Technique residencies in Los Angeles Unified School District schools as part of the Arts Community Partnership Network.

Anindo's African dance class mixes movement with a strong cultural component.

Anindo began her music as a vocalist, dancer, and percussionist. She enjoyed a successful solo career in Europe as a vocalist, and became known as Kenya's singing sensation. She is an accomplished musician, percussionist, and a dance teacher of African dance from East, South, Central and West Africa. She has studied with the world's finest percussionists: Babatude Olatunji, Mamadi Keita, Mor Thiam, Lamin Dido Camara, and Karamba Diabate to mention a few.

Anindo teaches music in Montrose, California, teaching percussion from Africa and Latin America. She teaches West African drumming techniques in a high-energy "drum circle" format.

Anindo’s classes are full of great energy and fun for dancers and drummers of all ages and skill levels.

Dances Anindo has taught include Lamba.

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