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Bruce McClure

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Bruce McClure


Information: Bruce McClure, teacher of Scottish dance.

Bruce McClure was known as a dancer, teacher, and performer of Scottish Dance.

Scotland's Dunvegan Castle, towering above the rugged coastline of Loch Dunvegan on the northwestern corridor of the Isle of Skye (a Norse word meaning "misty island"), pays silent homage to the romance and history of the MacLeod of MacLeod Clan, the progenitors of the Mighty McClures. The fortified enclave, surrounded by picturesque gardens, rolling hills and waterfalls, and on the ocean side by a colony of seals, has withstood the trials and tributions, the ebb and flow of eight hundred years of triumph and tragedy.

At one time, Bruce had a television program in Scotland.

There are two known films that featured Bruce:

Dances Dr. McClure taught include Barley Bree, Black Dance, Bluebell Waltz, The British Grenadiers, The Camp of Pleasure, Cumberland Reel, Duke of Perth (Broun's Reel, Clean Pea Strae), The Eight Men of Moidart, Eightsome Reel, Gae Gordons Jig, Gramachie, Hebridean Weaving Lilt, Highland Reel, Highland Schottische, Jenny's Bawbee, Jessie's Hornpipe, Long Live the Queen, The Dashing White Sergeant, The Reel of the 51st Division, Shepherd's Crook, Waltz Country Dance, and Wee Waltz.

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