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Yves Moreau 1970 BACKGROUND

Information: A dance.

Minka is a kind of rŭčenica performed by the bride's girl friends in a circle around her.

Translation: A girl's name

Pronunciation: MEEN-kuh

Region: Rhodope, Bulgaria



Minka e Mila, Mila na Majka
Ta si ja rano, rano ne budi

Mari druzki moj hubavi
Men ma majka, mlada zaglavi
Mlada zaglavi, mlada ozeni

Minka e rano, rano stanala
Rano e dvore, dvore izmela

Pak mi e milo, milo i zalno
Za majta malka, malk agradinka
Za moen ranen, ranen bosilcek
  Minka and Mila, Mila and Mother
You're me early, don't wake up early

Marie my good friend
My mother, the bride is stuck
The bride gets stuck, the bride gets married

Minka got up early, got up early
It's early in the morning, the yard is shredded

I'm happy, nice and sad again
For left small, small garden
For my wounded, wounded basil


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