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MIT Player
By Neil Rosen

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MIT Player 01


Information: Neil Rosen wrote the MIT Player for the MIT Folk Dance Club. They say, "We exclusively use Neil Rosen's MIT Player for our music programming needs. It's simply magnificent, with many special features for running folkdance sessions."

Online: Download the ZIP file program with all necessary files from njfolkdance.tripod.com


When you download the program, you may use it for six months or until you decide to use it permanently. Go to the Help➡About menu window, request a Registration Code from the address shown there. Please send Neil at least $35.00 to support the programming effort. Neil will send you the program Registration Code. Registration of the program is free and using the code he sends will eliminate a few use restrictions.


  1. Visual Basic runtime files (available free from Microsoft).
  2. Two additional .dll files from Un4seen.com (Neil has paid them so that he can distribute the files with the MIT Player).
  3. DirectX 78.90 or Higher (available free from Microsoft).
  4. A personal computer running Windows (NOT Windows NT).
  5. Enough disk space for the MIT Player software, the Visual Basic runtime files, and all of your music .mp3 files.


When you receive your Registration Code, select Options➡Setup Screen and enter the code in the "Registration Code" spaces.




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