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Moma voda mosi

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Information: A song.

Translation: A girl was bringing water

Pronunciation: MOH-mah VOH-dah NOH-see

Region: Sicily, Italy


// Moma voda nosi, lele, po shiroki dru-mi //
// Ludo na drum stoj - le le, na moma govori. //

// Daj mi mome, daj mi more, ot studena vo - da //
// A moma mu otjgovara Chekaj mi fe chekaj. //

Doma da si ojdem libe, Mama da si pra-sham
Mama da si prasham lele, kaj i bila mlada.
Kaj i bila mlada, lele, mlada kato mene
Davala li voda moma, moma na ergenje?

// Dali je davala mama voda na ergenje? //
// Aku je davala, lele, i ja che ta davam. //
      A girl was bringing water
on a wide road.

A young madcap stopped and said to the girl,
Give me from your cold water.

The girl answered, Wait, wait.
Let's go home and ask my mother
when she was young, young like me,
did she give water to the bachelors?

If she gave water to the bachelors,
I will give.


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