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Kay Munn

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Kay Munn


Information: Kay Munn, teacher of Scottish dance.

Kay Munn grew up in Glasgow, Scotland, where she was introduced to Scottish Country Dancing in school.

She emigrated to Canada in 1986, and has lived in the Toronto area, South Carolina, and upstate New York.

Following a chance remark at a Burns night celebration in Binghamton, New York, she was reintroduced to the dance in 1998 and enjoyed classes with renowned deviser Terry Glasspool and at Cornell.

Kay returned to live in Canada in 2001, in Kingston, Ontario, where the local Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS) Branch immediately adopted her. With support from the Branch and an RSCDS scholarship, she obtained her Teachers Certificate in St Andrews, Scotland.

Kay has taught classes at all levels and currently teaches the advanced class in Kingston.

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