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National Folk Organization


Information: The National Folk Organization (NFO) was founded in 1986 to preserve, promote and provide opportunities in the folk arts. The NFO was founded by Vytautas F. Beliajus, Mary Bee Jensen, George Frandsen, and L. DeWayne Young.

The NFO was organized to unite individuals and organizations that support folk arts in the United States. Membership includes members of recreational folk dance and music groups, performing ensembles, researchers, choreographers, managers, teachers, foundations, institutions, camps, community ethnic festivals, and international festivals that host folk ensembles from abroad.

The NFO holds annual national conferences to network and promote activities of those involved in the folk arts of the United States. Workshops are provided throughout the United States on a regular basis for teachers and dancers. The organization newsletter, "NFO News," links the NFO membership as well as associated organizations.

Each year at its annual Conference, the organization honors those who have made significant and lasting contributions to the field. There is a yearly presentation made of the "Preserving Our Heritage" award. In addition the organization's members vote to grant an Honorary Membership to specific individuals who, because of their extraordinary work over their lifetime in support of the organization's goals and objectives, deserve to be in this special membership category.

On their website, the NFO offers such categories as Where to Dance, Newsletter, Events, Resources, Music/Videos, and NFO History and several of these have more categories on drop-downs.


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