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Odeno oro

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Information: A dance.

Musical arrangement by Pece Atanasovski and recorded on his Makedonski Narodni Ora i Pesni (Macedonian Folk Dances and Poems), Side A, Band 2 Jugodisk LPD-0328 [vinyl] = Jugodisk BDN-0866.

Translation: It's gone

Pronunciation: OH-dehn-oh OH-roh

Region: Macedonia

Šetnja has a step R, behind step L, step R, Odeno oro is more of a step R, step together L, step R.

(S = slow; q= quick) Odeno oro has a W position. On the first SS, the hands are steady, but on the first qqS, Pece slightly pumped his arms up and down. When the dance gets faster, the hands come down, but there are no arm swings, like many people do with Šetnja.

Odeno: When I see this (rarely) here, the leader calls both variations. First the Šetnja, such as the one that starts in with R – SSqqS and out with L crossing forward at end – SSqqS. The second variation is the same dance rhythm, but the in part is to the side (maybe slightly pointed in) and the lefts become closes. The out is the same, but necessarily tighter.

–Richard Maurer, Sunnyvale, California


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