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Oj poved kolo

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Ethel Raim Information: A dance.

This dance accompanies an improvised song, so that pauses between verses last a variable amount of time, 4 to 8 steps, usually, as different dancers make up verses. They sing the verse alone, and then all join in with harmony for the repeat, emphasizing the unique Slavonian microtones.

Translation: Oh, lead the circle dance

Pronunciation: OY PO-ved KO-lo

Source: Gundinci is a municipality in Brod-Posavina County, Croatia. The Gundinci people came for the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in about 1971 or 1972.

Region: Slavonia Croatia

Music: About 72 beats per minute.

Costumes: The Gundinci women wear long, pleated skirts with a towel folded and placed beneath the skirt in back, just below the waist. The dance movement should be such as to cause the skirt to sway from side to side.

Formation: Circle of dancers, front basket hold, right over left.

Note: Ethel Raim and Martin Koenig taught the following.


Starting onto L foot and progressing to L:

Step left, right in front, left, back, right behind with hips and body facing front.


Oj poved’ kolo
// Moja noga liva. //

Oj stara lolo
// Jesi l’ gdjegod živa? //

Oj bilo lice
// I žuta marama. //

Oj to pasira
// Nama Gundinkama. //

Oj kad poigra
// Mlada Šokadija, //

Oj pod njima se
// Zemljica uvija. //
  Oh, lead the kolo,
My left foot.

Oh, old sweetheart
Are you alive somewhere?

Oh, white face
And yellow scarf.

Oh, that is what suits
Us women of Gundinci.

Oh, when the young people
Of Šokadija dance,

Oh, beneath them
The ground trembles!


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