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Information: A dance.

Osogovka is a pearl among Macedonian men's dances. It is danced to the gajda in the original, but today it is played with various ensembles, since in this form, the melody and rhythm are a treasure of folk art.

Pronunciation: oh-soh-GOHV-kah

Choreographer: Mitko Aleksovski

Arrangement: Đorđi Dimčevski

Location: Village of Banje, Kochani area.

Region: Macedonia

Meter: 11/16

Music: It is played on the the gajda and tambura.

Clothing: The clothing worn, a light white costume with a colored sash in which red predominates, only contributes to the light movements of the dancers.

Participants: Men

Hand/Arm Hold: Shoulder hold and free.

Character of Dance: Energetic, with very sharp, well-defined steps.

Steps/Style: The dancers are divided into two groups, one large, the other small. Characteristic are the sharp steps and jumps of the dancers, as well as the lifting of the last dancer by the leader of the dance.


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