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Dimitar Petrov

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Dimitar Petrov


Information: Dimitar Petrov, teacher of Bulgarian and international dance.

Dimitar (Mitko) Petrov graduated from the Plovdiv Academy of Music, Dance and Art and for more than twenty years he was a professional dancer in the Trakia Ensemble in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He had one of the best dancing teachers professor Kiril Djenev. He has also worked as a choreographer for the Children's and Youth Ensemble in Plovdiv where he trained about 250 children ages six to eighteen. He also organizes dancing lessons for adults twice a week.

He researched folk dances from all ethnographic regions of Bulgaria and is able to bring you a very varied programme reflecting the rich diversity of dances and music from this country. He is a talented dancer and also takes a great interest in dances from other countries and many other forms of dances. He teaches mainly Bulgarian dances, but also some other Balkan dances and he has created some line dances to modern pop music to entertain his dancers. He has taught in Hungary, Austria, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

During the last several years he has been organizing folk seminars for groups of foreigners in Bulgaria. These are people who want to learn Bulgarian dances, to play a traditional Bulgarian instrument, to see his beautiful country, to visit some historical places, and above all to have a great time in Bulgaria.

Dances Mitko has taught include Aleni Zvezdi, Arkanul, Bavno Horo, Boakiisko, Cetvorka, Come On Come On, Delchevska Devetka, Deninka, Djeni Me Mamo, Dobrudjanska Racenica, Eleno Mome, Eniovo Horo, Fiesta Line Dance, Gipsy Dance, Kalmankinata, Koga Trgnav Cveto, Mojo Mambo, Ohridsko Horo, Raka Horo, Sopsko na Poias, Suavemente Besame, Vangelio, Vlania, W Moim Ogrodecku, Zeibekiko, and Zumba Line Dance.

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