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Miljenko Piskorić

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Miljenko Piskorić


Information: Miljenko Piskorić, teacher of Croatian dance.

Miljenko Piskorić lives in Zagreb, Croatia and is a long-time dancer, singer, and soloist member of LADO, the National Folk Dance Ensemble of Croatia.

In addition to his years of performing with LADO, Miljenko has also done extensive research in the field on regional folk dances across Croatia.

He is also interested in preserving the folk traditions of Croatia and is a permanent associate of the Ethnographic Museum, the Rental Workshop of traditional costumes, and a variety of cultural and artistic associations where he is working on the reconstruction of parts of the national costumes of Croatia.

He has exhibited pieces of woven costumes and apparel to several group exhibitions in Primosten, Varazdin, and Zagreb.

His first teaching tour of the United States was in 2015.

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