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Polomka, Metovničanka, i Kostenka

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David Shochat 1977 BACKGROUND

Information: A thee-dance medley.

Pronunciation: poh-LOHM-kah, meh-tohv-nee-CHAHN-kah, ee koh-STEN-kah

Other names: PMK, Brass Band Dances, Brass Band Medley

Region: Donja Bela Reka, Serbia


David Shochat learned this medley in 1972 at a folk dance "camp" on the island of Badija in the Adriatic.

He said, "The little 'suite' of East Serbian dances I brought back was a little different (not taught to recorded music) since they had an actual live musician at the camp. He played all three dances on a dual-chanter bellows-driven bagpipe. I didn't have a tape recorder, so I just wrote down the music, and for the LP, we played brass band (that was me on tuba) instead of gajda."

AMAN Folk Ensemble Institute record, volume 4 has Polomka, Metovničanka, i Kostenka.


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