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Prayer for Tourists
Submitted by Rae Tauber

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Rae Tauber

Prayer for Tourists Heavenly Father, look down on your humble tourists who travel this earth mailing postcards, walking around in drip-dry underwear, and carrying armsful of souvenirs.

We beseech You that our train be on time, that we receive our very own baggage at each stop, and that the customs officials be always understanding.

We pray that the phones work, that the operators speak our tongue, and that there is no mail waiting from our families causing us to cancel the rest of the journey.

Lead us to good inexpensive restaurants where the wine is included in the price of the meal and the coffee is not impossible to drink.

Give us strength to visit museums and cathedrals, but if we skip historic monuments to take a nap after lunch, have mercy on us for our flesh is weak.

Protect us from bargains we cannot afford and must carry from place to place, and lead us not into temptations.

When we return from our journey, grant us the favor of finding someone who will look at our home movies and listen to our stories.

We ask this in the names of all airlines, hotels, ships, busses, and trains, and all the wonderful, understanding people who took the time to help.


Courtesy of Rae Tauber, former director of Opa! Folk Tours.

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