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Pece Atanasovski Information: A dance.

Translation: Trigger

Pronunciation: POOSH-ten-oh

Other names: Litos, Levendikos, Kuèano, Nešo, Bufsko

Region: Most characteristic and popular dance of Florina, Albania.

Meter: Some say 17/16 (4-3-3,4-3)

Rhythm: S-q-q, S-q (or the inverted S-q, S-q-q). Compare with Dolgoto Oro: similar melodic line but q-q-S, q-S (2-2-3, 2-3), I doubt that anyone in the Florina region would know what to dance to it. I have not come across the dance there. My old Pece Atanasovski camp notes say the dance is from the Prilep region in (the Republic of) Macedonia.

When you say Uncle Vangeli "moves the bar line," your assuming that 1) he reads music, and 2) Dolgoto Oro is the original piece. Perhaps whoever played Dolgoto Oro. moved the bar lines from a Pušteno, or perhaps they evolved separately. It's the old "chicken and egg" thing, don't you think?

Perhaps someone can help me with more info on this;

I'm transcribing a "gajda" player identified only as 'Uncle Vangeli' from the village of Proty, Florina. When he plays what I presume to be Pušteno, he mostly uses the melody I know as Dolgoto Oro from the Republic of Macedonia. I have seen Dolgoto Oro written in 12/8, qqSqS, but 'Uncle Vangeli' moves the bar lines (according to his starts, finishes, changes to another tune, solos and finally, my judgement) to what I presume to be standard Florina Pušteno, SqqSq. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

–Rob Bester

Origin: Geographic distribution of 12/8 suggests Albanian origin. It occurs in Kosovo, Gheg (Northern Albania), Tosk (Southern Albania), and the Voiou region (south of Kastoria). Lack of the 12/8 meter in Greece outside of Western Greek Macedonia, where there has been some diffusion of Albanian melodies as well, seems to substantiate the Albanian derivation theory.



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