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Ramo, Ramo

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Information: A dance.

I think the Serbs borrowed the Albanian music and put their own steps to the music. Steve Petrović calls the dance "The Shuffle Step" (not referring in any way to the Armenian Shuffle). I have never seen a Serb here do a couple dance to Šota (when the bands were playing it before the "troubles" in Kosovo). Also, I can't remember any Serbs here doing Čočeks, except when Izgrev showed up at the last Serbian event and someone else led the dance . . . the Serbs present kind of followed along and some did do Čoček . . . but not to Ramo, Ramo.

Translation: Ramo is a person's name

Pronunciation: RAH-moh, RAH-moh

Region: Serbia and Macedonia

Apparently the Serbs have a separate dance (Shuffle Step) for Ramo, Ramo and Šota. A few years ago I saw local Serbs doing another different step:

Shuffle Step:

Step R onto R foot
Cross in front of R foot onto L foot
Step to R onto R foot, close L foot to R foot, no weight
Step L onto L foot, close R foot to L foot, no weight

(This is all done in a bouncy manner, flexing and straightening knees on each beat.)


Grapevine step


The latest description you sent of Šota/Ramo is close to what is done here, but the "step-close" I mentioned is not behind . . . this would make the styling a little different. Also, you do not have the "double-time" option or the turn-180 option . . . also the grapevine option.

You do mention the knee flex and bouncy nature of the dance . . . so I think this is close. I can see where the base of the dance is similar to many other dances, but the bounces and different options give it a different feel.


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