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Information: An Irish dance and music ensemble.


New York Public Library Dance Collection Catalog lists:
Author : Barnes, Clive, 1927-.
Title : New pop dance and its audiences.
Source : Dance magazine. New York. Dec. 1996, p. 130.
Notes : Discussion of the new pop dance trend which has been caused in part by performances of Riverdance – the show and Joaquín Cortés's Romani passion.
Subjects Riverdance (Musical).

Author : Parry, Jann.
Title : The Irish dance phenomenon : Celtic crossover / by Jann Parry and Gary Parks.
Source : Dance magazine. New York. Oct. 1997, p. 70-73. ill.
Notes : Discussion of the current success of Irish dance and an article,
Irish dancing online.
Subjects Riverdance (Musical).
: Lord of the dance (Musical).
: Dance Competitions – Ireland.
: World wide web (Information retrieval system).
: Folk dancing – Ireland.
: Irish step dancing.

Author : Manning, Emma.
Title : Riverdance : is it all hype?
Source : Dance Australia. no. 88 (Feb./Mar. 1997) p. 24-27. ill.
Notes : Description of the success of Riverdance and an interviewwith the lead dancer Colin Dunne who replaced Michael Flatley.
Subjects Riverdance (Musical).

Author : Barnes, Clive, 1927-.
Title : New Pop Dance und sein Publikum : Neues taucht am Tanzhorizont auf.
Source : Tanz Affiche. Wien. Jahrg. 10, Nr. 71 (Juli 1997), p. 48.Notes : Translated by Edith M. Wolf Perez.
Subjects Riverdance (Musical).
: Dance audiences.

Author : Samuels, Shayna.
Title : Issue : Riverdance's faux pas.
Source : Dance magazine. New York. Sept. 1998, p. 43. ill.
Notes : Discussion of the controversy surrounding the technological enhancement of tapping in the musical Riverdance.
Subjects Riverdance (Musical).


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