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Roum Tourouoroum

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Information: A song.

Translation: Nonsense words

Pronunciation: ROOM too-roo-ROOM

Region: Thrace, Greece


// Oules i nies pandrevounde, //
// ki pernoun pallikaria, roum, tourouroum, tourouroum, //

// pandrevtik' i Yiannoula mas, //
// ki perni maraziari, roum, tourouroum, tourouroum. //

// Toun dhin psomi ki dhen tou troi, //
// krasi di dhen tou pini, roum, tourouroum, tourouroum. //

// Toun stroni pendi stromata //
// ki dheka maxilaria, roum, tourouroum, tourouroum. //

// Sikou, marazi m', playiase, //
// sikou, gremisou, pese, roum, tourouroum, tourouroum, //

// ki aplosi tou xirohiro s', //
// stoun aryiro mou korfo, roum, tourouroum, tourouroum, //

// na pias' s' t'Aprili ti dhrousia, //
// tou Mai ta louloudhia, roum, tourouroum, tourouroum. //
      All the girls get married, and they get pallikaris,

and our Giannoula got married too, and she married a weakling.

He gave him bread and he wouldn't eat; wine, and he wouldn't drink.

She spread him out five mattresses, and put ten pillows on them.

"Get up, you sickly thing, lie down, jump out the window,

but put your withered hand on my silver bosom,

to touch the freshness of April, the flowers of May."


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