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Ruth Ruling

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Ruth Ruling


Information: Ruth Beck Ruling, teacher if international dance.

Ruth Ruling was born on June 1, 1919. She was a teacher in the San Francisco United School District for 32 years at Guadalupe School and E.R. Taylor School.

She was active for years on the Research Committee of the Folk Dance Federation of California (North) and a member of the committee for the University of the Pacific Folk Dance Camp (now the Stockton Folk Dance Camp).

Ruth taught folk dancing at many clubs, including the Chinatown YMCA, the Palomanians, and Chang's International Folk Dancers.

Ruth, who died on May 10, 2007, was survived by her husband, Carlos Ruling.

Dances Ruth has taught include Apat Apat, Čardáš z Košických Hámrov, Ciuleandra, Das Bauernmoidl, Der Wolgaster, Drmeš iz Zdenčine, Hora din Giubega, Hora din Maramureş, Horehronsky Čardáš, Jocul de-a Lungul, Jovano Jovanke, Logovac, Makazice, Margaret's Waltz, Morten Larsen, Rokoko Kolo, Slovenian Waltz, Stari Šotiš, Sukačko, and Tino Mori.

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