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San Antonio Folk Dance Festival

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San Antonio Folk Dance Festival

San Antonio Folk Dance Festival Website: http://www.safdf.org/.

Information: The San Antonio Folk Dance Festival (SAFDF) is a family oriented, inter-generational folk dance festival that includes a three-day workshop with teaching sessions, folk dance parties, and a ticket to the event's flagship concert performance.

Activities for youth and adults immerse attendees in the love and advocacy of folk dance where one can gain a new appreciation for other cultures. As for the performance concert, it typically showcases up to fourteen different cultures through live music, demonstrating the talent and energy of local performing folk dance groups, plus special guests.

The SAFDF was founded by Nelda Guerrero Drury in 1958 to bring world-class teachers of ethnic dances to Central Texas, produce a diverse concert of folk dance presentations, and preserve and cultivate a community of international folk dancers.

The camp is held at the beautiful campus of Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas in March.


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