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Olga Sandolowich

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Olga Sandolowich


Information: Olga Sandolowich, teacher of Macedonian and Bulgarian dance.

Olga Veloff Sandalowich was born in 1930. Velika and Traian Veloff, her father and mother, were Macedonian immigrants in 1912.

In 1953, she studied folk dance in Bulgaria with the ensembles of Koutev and Haralampiev and brought back versions of Bavno, Daičovo, and Graovsko.

Olga is a people person and a highly gifted teacher who has been teaching since 1951. She has taught international folk dances all over the world at camps, classes, seminars, workships, schools, churches, universities, and cruise ships.

She taught on Mel Mann's Folk Dance on the Water Cruises and the Florida Camp and Macedonian dances at the Mainewoods Dance Camp.

Olga was honored at the Canadian Macedonian Place as a "Macedonian Woman of Distinction in the Arts" where she was lauded for her exceptional contribution through folk dancing.

Olga celebrated her 80th birthday, November 30, 2009, at the Ontario Folk Dance Association's Friday night Hamilton group.

Dances Olga has taught include Bavno, Dajčovo, Graovsko, and Levoto.

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