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Daniel Sandu

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Daniel Sandu


Information: Daniel Sandu, teacher of Roman and Romani dance.

Daniel Sandu was born in Bucharest in 1967 and began dancing with Romanasul ensemble at age six. As a child, he accompanied the Romanian delegation to a world dance ensemble in Cuba (1978), and at age 18 became a professional dancer with Rapsodia Romana (1985) in Bucharest.

Since 1992 he has danced with Het Internationaal Danstheater in Amsterdam. He obtained a bachelor of dance education degree in 2003 from the Rotterdamse.

A fulltime resident of the Netherlands, he is currently on staff at the folk dance house, Terpsichoré, in Amsterdam, where his course "Rhythm, Romania, Roma" (3R) ranks among their most popular offerings. According to the syllabus, his goal is to get each dancer to find his or her own rhythm. In his own words:

"If you see 3R, it means pleasure, learning both very traditional dances and self-made choreographies with traditional steps and to traditional music, and freedom in dancing! Rhythm is recognizable, in music and dancing. Folkdance, and also Romanian folkdance, changes under the influence of time: young people dance differently than their grandparents. And freedom? Dance of Roma is freedom. Freedom in improvisation of every individual. I try to loosen up the participants, get them away from simply learning new steps, encourage them to show their own input, to follow their own rhythm!"

His first trip was co-sponsored in 2004 by the Florida Folk Dance Council and Susquehanna Folk Music Society (SFMS) of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. On his first U.S. tour, he taught in Florida, Pennsylvania, and the Northeast.

In 2003, he graduated at The Rotterdam’s Dance Academy as bachelor of dance in education with tap dance as specialization.

He was one of the featured teachers at the "Doe Dans 2005" festival in the Netherlands, where he taught Romanian and tap dancing.

Daniel teaches all levels and grades, for which he has a syllabus, CDs, and VHS videos.

Dances Daniel has taught include Boiereasca, Caluş, Balkan Rhumba, Batuta din Bucovina, Bordeiasul, Boyash, Boyash Gypsy, Caluş, De-a Lungul, De Purtat din Palatca, De Purtat si Batrinesc din Chinteni, Dianca, Dumbala, Fecioresc din Chinteni, Hora Boogie Woogie, Hora Bucurestinilor, Hora ca la Urşari, Hora de la Dumbraveni, Hora de la Inceptul Jucului, Hora Evreiasca, Hora Moldoveneasca, Hora Rudarilor, Huţulca, Învârtita ca la Chiteni, Învârtita din Palatca, Isa, Joc ca la Budesti, Joc din Bihor, Huţulca, Magic Mamaliga, Mandaneasca, Maramureş Funk, Mocancuţa, Pe Picior, Poloxia, Ponturi din Palatca, Rogojina, Romanian Clublife, RomaniaC, Sârba din Bacau, Suita din Chioar-Codru, Trandafirul, Zlata, and Zori de Zi.

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