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Scandia Camp Mendocino

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Scandia Camp Mendocino

Scandia Camp Mendocino logo Website: http://scandiacampmendocino.org/.

Information: Scandia Camp Mendocino, a culturally unique annual weeklong residential camp founded in 1980, presents participants the opportunity to learn in depth about the folk music, dance and unique cultural traditions of Scandinavia. In the process, a community has developed of people exploring their cultural roots and of people with curiosity about and appreciation for the unique rich folk culture of Scandinavia.

The mission of Scandia Camp Mendocino is to provide culturally unique enriching opportunities to learn about and actively experience the dance, music and cultural traditions of Scandinavia (primarily Norway and Sweden) in a welcoming community.

Giant redwoods, a sunny meadow, a beaver pond, and numerous paths through the woods surround the village-like setting. Rustic cabins are clustered in three groups, each with a central bathroom and shower building with electricity and plenty of hot water. Each cabin has a balcony and a fireplace with firewood available, 4 single beds, a closet and windows, but no plumbing or electricity.

Scandia Camp Mendocino takes place in the beautiful Mendocino Woodlands located in the Jackson State Forest, nine miles inland from the town of Mendocino, California in June.

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