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Don Schillinger

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Don Schillinger


Information: Don Schillinger, teacher of Israeli dance.

Don Schillinger is a full-time Israeli dance instructor who leads weekly sessions for people of all skill levels. He teaches children in schools, synagogues, and camps and runs dancing for special events, Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, and parties. He also travels to lead Israeli dance workshops.

Don has taught at such venues as Dance Washington, Keystone State, Tov Tours, Finally Philly, Hora Keff, Rikudia, and several JCC Camps. As a performer, Don has been seen in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

In 1997-98, Don received the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia Adult Cultural Grant. He also appeared on the WB-17's news program in June 2000 and on KDHX radio talk show in St. Louis, Missouri, in November 1996.

Among Don's articles and publications are

Dances Don has taught include Ahavat HaChayalim, Balada LaMa'ayan, Brachot Havdala, Boker, Chofshi Ume'ushar, Etz HaMishalot, Gvanim, LeSaper Lach Inyan, Shav Ani Elayich, Shir Lanu Shir, Taba, and Tfilati.

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