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Wolfgang Schlüter

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Wolfgang Schlüter


Information: Wolfgang Schlüter, teacher of German dance.

Dr. Wolfgang Schlüter is the President of the State Association Dancers of Schleswig-Holstein. Dr. Schlüter has been dancing since 1970. The first 20 years, he danced exclusively Balkan, then his interest shifted and he began to become interested in German and Scandinavian dances.

He began to be involved in music and founded the group Strakelstakel, that has played for more than 20 years at all German regional and federal folk dance festivals. He has produced several volumes of dance directions and CD's. Also, for more than 20 years he has directed the group LandesverbandTanz in Schleswig-Holstein.

He has managed Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Tanz, the largest folkdance organization in North Germany, for more than 10 years. This organization runs about 15 dance seminars every year, several balls where some hundred dancers from the whole region participate, and a special education program for dancing masters in folkdance. Their focus is on German folk dances, especially the dances of North Germany, including some Scandinavian dances that are closely related. They did a lot of research in this field and have published several music CDs as well as books containing dance descriptions, sheet music, and some background information about the dances.

He has participated in festivals in Bulgaria, Denmark, Greece, Sweden, and Turkey. I has also taught in Denmark, Estonia, Russia, and the United States. In the U.S. he has taught in Tulsa, Oklahoma and at the Stockton Folk Dance Camp in California.

Dances Dr. Schlüter has taught include Anglaise, Ballon Firtur, Debbeit Kvadrille, Francos Koutra, Koutra med March, Paervals, Pols Virtur, Rubjerg Firtur, and Tylette Polka.

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