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Fredda Seidenbaum

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Fredda Seidenbaum


Information: Fredda Seidenbaum, teacher of Cajun, zydeco, and international dance.

Fredda Seidenbaum is an enthusiastic, dedicated teacher who loves to get people dancing. She believes that anyone who really wants to learn to dance can do so. Her special talent is diagnosing dance problems of individuals or couples, then using effective techniques to solve them. Fredda has succeeded in teaching many people who had previously thought they could never dance.

Fredda has been dancing since she was seven and has been teaching for more than twenty years. She has been involved in Cajun and zydeco almost as long and studied them with many Louisiana teachers, including: Miriam Fontenot, Mona "Zydeco Queen" Wilson, Michael Seider, Millie Ortego, Jim Dugas, Al Muller, Jr., and Don Brasseaux. Because both zydeco and Cajun are evolving, Fredda travels to Louisiana frequently to keep up with the latest steps and refresh her styling.

She has taught for: Lincoln Center's Midsummer Night Swing festival; The New School; Omega Institute; Central Park Summerstage; Louisiana Community Bar & Grill; Long Island Traditional Music Association (workshop series and individual dances); Sardi's Goes Cajun (series); The New York Times Christmas Party; Cajun Connection; Orange County Community College; The United Nations; private parties, and lessons.

The bands she has taught with include Keith Frank; Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys; Curley Taylor & Zydeco Trouble; Bruce Daigrepont; The Mamou Prairie Band; Gotham Playboys; Voodoobillies; and Bryan Miller & the Pinballs.

Fredda studied techniques of dance teaching with Sonny Newman, a master teacher who has been teaching dance for over forty years. Fredda has studied adult learning and is an experienced trainer. She has also taught international folk dance for many years.

She has performed and taught in New Orleans' French Quarter. In addition, Fredda was recruited by the president of the Council for the Development of French in Louisiana (CODOFIL) to serve on the Louisiana Tricentennial Arts Committee and was invited by the Southwest Louisiana local dancers to perform with them in a documentary for German television.

Fredda says that her wildest teaching experiences so far have been teaching Cajun and zydeco in İstanbul, Turkey; at a Cajun Bar-Mitzvah at a Portuguese restaurant; and in a private mansion in Mumbai, India.

She has traveled extensively (usually dancing when traveling) in Europe, Central and South America, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. Recently, she took a folk dance workshop while in St. Lucia.

Although Fredda specializes in Cajun and zydeco, she also teaches international folk dance, couple dance essentials, basic country and western, swing, and Latin.

Whether you have two left feet or have danced for years, this expert dance troubleshooter can give you a jump-start, teach you the latest steps, or make your good moves great.

Dances Fredda has taught include Cajun, zydeco, and international.

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