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Information: A dance.

Translation: Slow or easy going

Pronunciation: see-gah-NOHS

Other name: Slow Pentozali

Region: Greece


The of Crete is found with:

  1. An 8-count step done in a reverse L pattern.
  2. The 6-count pattern common to so many dances and also found in the Southern Albanian Valle ("dance"). No evidence exists for a direct link. The 6-count pattern, popular now, may have started as a regional variation.
  3. A combination of the 6-count pattern with a reverse L pattern.

Sung couplets called kondilies often provide accompaniment for Siganos, which may have developed from these songs. Siganos followed by Pentozali may be a stage choreography, because Cretans rarely dance Pentozali as a participatory dance but as a performance dance. Pentozlis can follow any number of kondylies melody sequences; the Anoyianes kondylies are popular. Kondylies occur in both siganos and in mandinades (poetry sessions), but not simultaneously. Dance and poetry sessions occur separately.

Many song-dances exist in Greece, sung a cappella, for a 6-count pattern dance.

Young Cretan dancers display skill through Malevisiotikos, also a display of skill for the lyra-player.

While Siganos/kondylies and improvised Mandinades appears to be older, the popularity of Siganos may be more recent than that of the pidichta dances (Sousta, Pentozalis, Maleviziotikos, etc.). The Cretan Syrtos became popular relatively recently and resembles Siganos.


Ópa ékama 'gó famegikés
sevntá sti doúlepsí sou

Sevntá sti doúlepsí sou ma
kaliménto oúte throulí den eída
'po nomí sou

Éla kállia
Kalliá triakóses éngales
monoporás n' armégo

Monoporás n' armégo
pará sto belalí sevntá
pou m’ écheis kai palévgo

Ópa, ap' ónte dódeka chronó
gidáris steironómos

Ópa ópa gidáris steironómos
kai san to skýlo mou klouthá
kai tou sevntá sou o pónos

Ti vérga
kopeliá mou ti...
ti vérga mou epantóniara
kai blió, de váno voúrgia

Kai blió de váno voúrgia
giat' eípes pos de thes voskó
agápi mou kainoúrgia

Dódeka megalósteires
dódeka megalósteires
ki énan krigió brostári

Ki énan krigió brostári tásso...
tásso sou Panagía mou á...
állos na min ti párei

Éla, egó katadikástika
cheimóna kalokaíri

Ópa ópa cheimóna, kalokaíri na 'mai...
na 'mai famégios tou sevntá, tou...
tou pónou parachéri

Ímoune kopeliá mou
ímoun ki egó mian epochí
kai meraklís kai ántras

Ópa ópa kai meraklís kai ántras ma...
efágane me oi voskikés
ki o kókalos tsi mántras
Ópa ópa ki o kókalos tsi mántras

Theé mou kai gia ínta mia kardiá
Theé mou kai gia ínta mia kardiá
mou 'cheis dosméni móno

Ópa mou 'cheis dosméni móno kai The...
kai Theé mou pémpeis to sevntá
déka forés to chróno
  Oops, I made fame
sevda in your work

Shame on you for your work
I did not see any klimento or throuli
in your prefecture

Come on beautiful
Three hundred beautiful women
monoporas to milk

Monoporas to milk
rather than in trouble
that you have me and I fight

Oops, I'm twelve years old

Oops oh donkey sterilizer
and like my dog he barks
and your seventh pain

The rod
my girl the ...
my rod resonated
and blo, I do not wear bourges

And I don't care
why did you say you do not want a shepherd
my new love

Twelve large sterils
twelve large sterils
and a raft in front

And I put a crest in front ...
I give you my Virgin a ...
another not to take it

Come on, I was convicted
winter summer

Oops oops winter, summer to be ...
to be famous of the seventh, of ...
of arm pain

I was my girlfriend
I was at one time too
and fanatic and man

Oops oops and a fanatic and a man but ...
ate with the shepherds
and the bone of the mantra
Oops and the bone of the mantra

My God, for you were a heart
My God, for you were a heart
you only gave it to me

Oops you have given me only God ...
and my God you send the seventh
ten times a year


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