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Vasilios Sioulas

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Vasilios Sioulas


Information: Vasilios Sioulas, teacher of Greek dance.

Vasilios "Bill" Sioulas has danced over 1,200 performances across Canada, in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Venezuela; and he has taught over 14,000 students.

He has been an invited guest instructor at various communities in Canada and the U.S., including New York, Chicago, and Seattle.

He is a member of the International Dance Council of Paris, France. He has also been a lecturer with various national and local radio and television media, educational, and cultural institutions, including Parnassos, where he presented a multi-media lecture on the History of Greece through Dance and Music.

In addition, Bill has worked as a choreographer and producer with several Hellenic musical dance and oratory productions in Montreal's Place Des Arts, Ottawa's Centrepointe Theatre, and of course Ottawa's Greek Fest.

Bill also served as Vice-President for Ethno-Québec. He also has worked as a fundraiser for many charitable organizations.

Bill was selected as one of the top 30 diversified dancers in Canada by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and the Federal Ministry of State Multiculturalism.

In 1996, Vasilios, a former member of Koryfei in Montreal, Québec, was brought to The School of Traditional Greek Dance and the Odyssey Dance Troupe.

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