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Something to Think About
By Ken Yovdu

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Hand Hold


You are at a folk dance. After dancing a while, it is time for a break. You go to the refreshment table and pick up a brownie or a potato chip or even a carrot stick and into your mouth it goes.

Wait a moment! Didn't you just hold hands with maybe a dozen different people, who probably each held hands with maybe a dozen different people, who probably each held hands with a dozen others?

Also, maybe you pulled a cup from a stack, and since they are sitting upright, you probably touched the rims of several, just as the previous person did.

Did you wash your hands before eating and drinking?

Consider: We are told that most diseases are passed by touch, that half the men do not wash after visiting the toilet, and flu season (such as COVID-19) is around the corner!


Maybe we can suggest an easy solution: Washing hands for 20 seconds with soap and water is best, but if that is not viable, set out a pump bottle of ethanol, 60% or greater.

If no one drinks it first, it will provide a relatively non-toxic hand sanitizer.

Or, set out a pump bottle of good ol' hand sanitizer!

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