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Sønderberg Dobbelt Kvadrille

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Information: A dance.

Progressive Four; Circle Contra

Translation: Sønderberg double quadrille

Pronunciation: SEUN-dehr-berg DOH-belt kvah-DREEL

Region: Denmark

Formation: A circle of fours facing fours. Lines facing, two couples in a line, Woman on partners right. Couples on outside of circle are Couples 1 and 2, inside couples are Couples 3 and 4.


I.   Circle Eight
1-8 All eight join hands and circle left with sixteen walking steps.
9-16 Circle right to place.
III.   Promenade
1-8 Man 1 and Man 2, honor opposite lady with a slight bow, join inside hands with her and walk eight steps toward center of circle, passing between the inside couples, then change hands and lead lady back to place.
9-16 Man 3 and Man 4, repeat pattern of Measures 1 - 8, leading opposite lady away from center, passing between outside couples, and return to place.
III.   Right and Left
1-8 Right and Left, across and back, with opposite couple. All walk forward to opposite's place. Passing right shoulders with opposite, then keeping side by side as though inside hands were joined, turn or pivot half around as a couple and reface opposite (8 counts). Repeat the same movement. returning to original place (8 counts).
IV.   Circle Four
9-16 Opposite couples join hands, forming two circles, and circle left with eight walking steps, then circle right to place.
  Partners in shoulder-waist position or ballroom dance position.
V.   Polka (or two-step)
1-16 With sixteen Polka steps or Two-steps, turn clockwise with partner moving counterclockwise around opposite couple, then progress to meet a new line of "Four . Lines must always advance in the same direction, couples maintaining their relative positions in the line and progress as a unit.
  Repeat entire dance from beginning.

Note: With beginners or with large groups, Figure V may be simplified as follows:
    Partner, in promenade position, walk counterclockwise around opposite couple, then progress by passing left shoulders, to meet new line of Four.
1-8 Four Polka steps forward and four Polka steps backward.
9-16 Eight Polka steps forward, passing opposite by right shoulder to meet new line of Four.


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