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Square Dances by Bing Crosby
Called by Bing Crosby

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Bing Crosby

Bing Crosby Welcome Stranger BACKGROUND

Information: A recording and a book.

Bing Crosby's Country Style Square Dances (a book).
Country Style – Square Dance, by Bing Crosby with the Calico Kids and John Scott Trotter and His Orchestra, Decca 23849 A (a 78 rpm record).

Allan Brozek wrote: Bing Crosby does the calling in "Welcome Stranger" (Texas Star again). I think that Bing also recorded an album of square dances. Anybody know for sure?

Jim Williams, Topeka, Kansas responds: I don't know about an album. I have run across a couple of square dance-related things by Bing Crosby:

  1. A recording of his calling from the movie "Welcome Stranger." It's entitled "Country Style." From Decca (23849A). It says it's from the "Personality Series."

  2. A 1949 booklet of singing calls from Edwin H. Morris and Company in New York called "Bing Crosby's Country Style Square Dances." With Dance Calls and Directions by Grace Whitehead. It's obviously part of a series which just, I suspect, bought the rights to use Bing Crosby's name. I think this because on the back cover it lists 14 other publications such as Bing Crosby's Pick of Popular Songs, B. Crosby's Western Song Folio, BC's Favorite Hymns, BC's Irish Song Collection, etc.

Bing Crosby's Country Style Square Dances BOOK CONTENTS


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