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Information: A dance.

I went to a dance weekend at the New England Folk Festival Association (NEFFA) in Massachusetts a few weeks back and a woman taught a dance called Stenka from Archangel, Russia. It was very simple and involved a square set of as many as will – a good dance for a senior citizens group I sometimes teach.

Alas she had no instructions available but I wrote down what I recalled the next day, and made some efforts through Stew Shaklette to obtain the music. Stew sent me the music but listening to it, it was the right music, but it did not seem to reconcile 100 percent with my recalled instructions . . . drat! I emailed the lady who taught it but no reply, and Stew said he did not have the instructions, but asked me to send him mine. Now I fear I have sent him misinformation.

Below is what I had written down from memory.

–Richard, May 21, 2003

Translation: Little wall

Pronunciation: STYEN-kah

Location: Archangel, Russia.

Formation: Four short lines in square formation – equal numbers in each line is ideal, but not mandatory; all face across (line 1 face line 3, line 2 face line 4); hands in W hold.


1-12 No action.
1.   Part 1
1-12 Line 1 walk forward up to Line 4 with 10 steps, and on counts 11-12 put right shoulder toward Line 3 and step R-L-R.
12-24 Line 1 walks back 12 steps, while Line 3 walks toward the retreating Line 3 for 10 steps, and on 11-12 does the same R shoulder forward and step R-L-R.
25-36 Line 3 retreats backwards 12 steps, while Line 1 bows forward for counts 1-6, and rises up from bow on counts 7-12.
37-72 Rpt Part 1, 1-36, but with Line 2 initiating toward Line 4.
73-108 Rpt Part ,1 1-36, but with Line 3 initiating toward Line 1.
109-144 Rpt Part 1, 1-36, but with Line 4 initiating toward Line 2.
145-288 Repeat entire dance from beginning.
2.   Part 2 – Finish
1-24 All form large circle with hands still in W hold and circle CW, and end with bow to center.


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