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Sva noḱ le, Nado

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Information: A song (to which Karanfile is danced).

Translation: Every night my dear Nada

Pronunciation: SVAH notch leh, NAH-doh

Region: Macedonia

LYRICS (Karanfile)

Sva noḱ le, Nado, sva noḱ ne spijam,
Pred porti ti stojam, za da te vidam.
Oči mi solzat, srce taguva,
Za našta, Nado mori, pusta razdelba.

Izlezi, Nado, barem do porti,
Da ti go vidam beloto lice,
Beloto lice, crnite okči,
I ti ja, Nado mori, gajtan vegji.

Ne možam, Gjorgji, ne možam, libe,
Ne možam na porti da izlezam.

Porti mi, Gjorgji, majka zatvori,
Pendžeri, Gjorgji more, tatko sodzida.

Majka ti, Nado, ta i tatko ti,
Bog ti gi ubil oganj izgorel!
Porti ḱe turnam, pendžeri urnam,
I tebe, Nado mori, jas ḱe te zemam.
      Translation summary:

Every night my dear Nada, I stand sleepless
near the doorway, hoping to see you!
I cry and my heart aches thinking of our separation.
Please come to the door so that I can see
your pretty face and your black eyes.
I can't Gjorgi, my mother has locked the door
and my father has shut the windows . . .
Well Nada, may God strike your mother and
father and may they burn in the fire . . .
I will break open the doors and windows and
carry you away my love.


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