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Swedish Dance Positions and Steps
By Ingvar Sodal, 1985

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Ingvar Sodal


See Standard Abbreviations for a description of the abbreviations below.


Polska Position

M R hand on W waist, L hand grasps W R upper arm. W L hand is around M R upper arm, and R hand on M L upper arm (W R arm on inside of M arm). Stand to L of ptr.

Bakmes Position

Same as Polska pos (#1), except opp pos.

Hambo Position

M R hand around W waist, and his L arm under W arm with his L hand placed on W shldr. W L hand around M upper arm and R hand on M L shldr outside M L hand or arm. Forearms are vertical. This a closed pos with bodies erect.

Rest Step

In Polska pos, M move fwd and W bkwd. W could be on either side of the M depending on which step they are coming our of, or beg with.


Always beg on outside ft. M steps are described below, W use opp ftwk.

Polka Step (2/4 meter)

Long step on L (ct 1); short step on R (ct &); long step on L (ct 2); slight bend and lift on L (ct 2). Repeat with opp ftwk.

Basic Schottis Step (2/4 meter)

Step L fwd (ct 1); step R close to L (ct &); step L fwd (ct 2); lift (don't hop) on L (ct &). Repeat with opp ftwk.

Schottis Omandsning (2/4 meter)

Step L between ptrs legs, turn 1/4 CW on ball of L ft (ct 1); lower L heel (ct &); turn CW on ball of R ft (ct 2); lower R heel (ct &). Repeat with same ftwk, one rotation per meas.

Rest Step - L foresteg (3/4 meter)

Step L fwd (ct 1-2); step R somewhat past L, L toe remains in place (ct 3). Repeat with same ftwk.


Used with permission of the author.
Printed in the University of California Santa Barbara Syllabus, 1985.

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