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Tetovsko oro

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Information: A dance.

Translation: Dance from "a place where we want to live"

Pronunciation: TEH-tohv-skoh OH-roh

Region: Macedonia


David Owens We do a dance by this name, which we learned from Zoran Vasiljević, formerly of Frula, to a recording on an RTB record, called Makedonsko horo; it is a choreography that fits that recording.

NAMA has recorded the tune (different arrangement), and the accompanying notes describe an entirely different dance, as done in Los Angeles. I strongly suspect both of these were made up in Los Angeles. Zoran used to be in the AMAN Folk Ensemble back in the 1960s. Our (NAMA) dance seemed like a strange hybrid to Dick Crum, and I seem to recall he wondered if maybe Atanas Kolarovski had done it.

By the way, Ron, are you aware that you, I'm sure without realizing it, were the one who started Loretta Kelley on her way to becoming one of the world's best hardingfele players? It was at Mt. Tamalpais in the early 1970s that you came up to me and said that we ought to learn to play something called Vossarull. I got the record and gave it to Loretta and Miamon Miller to transcribe. We recorded it on NAMA 2 with two violins. Then Loretta discovered it wasn't two violins, but one hardingfele, and was hooked. The rest is history.

With this and $1, you can buy a cup of coffee.

–David Owens



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