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Lorenzo Trujillo

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Lorenzo Trujillo


Information: Dr. Lorenzo Trujillo, teacher of Hispanic dance.

Dr. Trujillo was an Executive Associate with Inter-America Research Associates, and Chairman of the Board of the Chicano Humanities and Arts Council of Colorado.

He has lectured and performed internationally and has published books and articles on folklore, dance, and in cultural and psychological anthropology.

In 1976, he was a recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts – Artist in Residency Grant.

Dr. Trujillo is the director of the Southwest Musicians. He was awarded the 1996 Governor's Award for Excellence in the Arts, acknowledging his work as a folk violinist, guitarist, and vocalist, among his other accomplishments as a musician, ethnic dancer, folklorist, arts administrator, and culture bearer for approximately four decades. In 2004, he was awarded the Hilos Culturales Distinguished Traditional Folk Artist Premio for his lifetime contributions to the traditional Hispanic traditions of Southern Colorado and New Mexico.

Dr. Trujillo has presented thousands of concerts, lecture demonstrations, and has published extensively in the area of traditional music and dance of the Southwest United States. He has recorded and performed for television, radio, and on numerous CDs.

In 2009, he was inducted into the Colorado Chicano Music Hall of Fame. His most popular CDs are: "Southwest Musicians presenting the traditional music of the Hispanic Southwest," and "A Musical Banquet: From Santa Fe to Denver," a release with EJ Rodriguez.

The Southwest Musicians began as a family troupe of three generations including his aunt, Eva Nuanez, father, Filbert Trujillo, son, Dr. Lorenzo Trujillo, Jr., and The Southwest Dancers directed by his mother, Orie Trujillo. Since 1976, the group has performed in numerous venues throughout the Southwest United States. As the older generation retired, new members joined the group to continue the traditions of the 1840's of Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico. Members have roots in New Mexico and in Southern Colorado. Their performances have included such venues as: The Chicano Music Festival, The Fort (restaurant), The Spanish Market, Taos City Auditorium, Santa Fe Fiestas, The San Luis Fiestas, Chile Harvest Festival, Denver Civic Theatre, and many others. The group has released numerous CD's over the years of old-time dance tunes that were popular in the early pre-United States period of Colorado and New Mexico. Their music has been handed down through many generations of family musicians who have taught their music by ear and practice.

Dr. Trujillo received his Doctorate Degree from the University of San Francisco. His Master's Degree in Dance is from the University of Colorado at Boulder, with special studies in Mexico City at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México. He also holds a Juris Doctor degree.

Dances Dr. Trujillo has taught include Camila, El Huizache, La Raspa, La Varsovillana, Las Alanzas, and Valse de Los Paños.

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