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Richard Turcotte

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Richard Turcotte


Information: Richard Turcotte, teacher of French Canadian dance.

Richard Turcotte was born in Québec, Canada. By 1979, he had been teaching folkdance, full time, for about eight years.

Among other activities, Richard was a lecturer in the Department of Rhythmic at Laval University, Director of "L'Ensemble Folklorique La Crémaillère," performer, and dance teacher at an elementary school.

Richard taught regularly in Québec and in most other Canadian provinces. He was also invited on many occasions to teach in the United States.

The dance material taught by Richard consisted of "Gigues" and "Quadrilles" collected in the Québec region. The "Gigue" is a step dance, performed individually. Improvisation is the principle characteristic of this type of dance. The "Quadrille," on the other hand, is a series of dances, usually five, performed in a specific order. It is a figure dance requiring a minimum of eight dancers in a square formation. Because of its structure, the Quadrille is much more than a dance, it is an adventure.

His repertoire contained rounds, dances, and songs from Québec. The phonograph record used was specially produced for introducing children to the various forms of French-Canadian dances.

Richard was available for workshops, master classes, ensemble choreography, and classes for children.

Dances Richard has taught include Gigue, Quadrille, La Bastringue, and La Plongeuse.

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