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Two-Sex Dancer
By Patricia Batt

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Two-Sex Dancer

I'm a two-sex dancer and may seem rather dim,
But I never spend one evening as a full-time her or him,
I change my sex from dance to dance, my corners always alter.
It's really not surprising that I occasionally falter.

The old and simple dances I can manage very nicely
And I can learn a new dance and do it most precisely,
But when it comes to next week I don't know if I can
For I learned it as a woman and dance it as a man.

And so you men who have the luck to always stay the same,
When female gentlemen go wrong be sparing with your blame.
I'll add a postscript to this tale – one comfort I have got –
When both the women change their sex it doesn't show a lot!

Taken from the booklet Pat's Party Pieces by Patricia Batt,
published in aid of the North London hospice.

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