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Lilian Vlandi

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Lilian Vlandi


Information: Lilian Vlandi, teacher of Greek dance.

Lilian Vlandi was born in Cairo, Egypt, to Greek parents. Lilian lived in Egypt through her early years until 1967 when her parents moved the family to Athens, Greece.

Her first touch with Greek traditional dances was when she was ten years old. Between 1982 and 1990 she was a member of the "Greek Traditional Dances" of Dora Stratou Theater, participating five months a year in performances both in Greece and abroad that presented dances from all over Greece and Asia Minor.

She taught in primary schools and private dance schools until 1998 when she decided to create a dancing group on Mykonos. This group, in addition to performances on Mykonos, participated in dance competitions and received an award from the Greek Ministry of Education. In 2003,the group presented Mykonian traditional dances in the 17th World Congress on Dance Research.

In 2006 Lilian was invited to teach in the WDC in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Finally, during the summer of 2012, she cooperated with the Lyceum Club of Greek Women to incorporate the Mykonian traditional dances into the Lyceum's schedule.

Lilian taught at the Stockton Folk Dance Camp in 2013.

Dances Lilian has taught include Ais Giorgis, Fourlana, Ikariotikos, Kavadoritikos, Nikendre, Plataniotiko Nero, Syrtos Mykonou, Syrtos Samothrakis, Tsirigotikos (Original and New), and Vlacha Naxou.

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