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Information: A dance.

Sunni Bloland 2008 The two sections of Vulpița were taught differently by Sunni Bloland depending on how her memory was working that day. The first few steps were taught different ways:

  1. L hop forward, R hop backward, LRL hop forward
  2. L hop backward, R hop forward, LRL hop forward
  3. If you were in the England or the Netherlands (I can't remember where which one Sunni said), she taught it starting with the right foot, and now the whole dance is done backwards there.

There is also one other part that some groups do: Three slides or step-closes to the left, or four of them. I think I originally learned four (1977).

As far as I know, we are doing it one of the ways Sunni taught it. What does Chicago say we are doing wrong? It has not been altered by the Romanian group. Now, Dans Ciobanesc has been altered from its original version, thanks to Barbara and Grace. That is not a solo dance and should be done in a line with a shoulder hold.

This may be like the case of Mihai David's Sîrba Muntenească, which is documented as being taught different ways. I stopped complaining when I saw the notes that Bill Sell had. We were both right. (I just think I am more right.)

Ron Houston

Translation: Little fox

Pronunciation: vool-PEE-tsah

Region: Romania.


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